Quality and Assurance Process

Buffalo Printing Company started in 1933. Our well thought out and executable Quality and Assurance Process is time tested. Printing has changed, the ink, the paper, the way that ink is applied to the paper, all the prepress operations, the software, and so much more including the shorter production times. But the prudent daily practice of quality control has remained the same.

There are many variables in the print process. Paper is coated and uncoated. It comes in many thicknesses. It has a grain that affects the way that it travels through the printing presses and the way it folds. Depending on the application the paper may be clear or have an adhesive side for labels. Printing ink is also available with many options. It could dry by evaporation or absorption. Some is organically grown for quality or made with soy to meet Green standards. Some will resist the UV light and retard fading, some will re-melt and scuff.

At Buffalo Printing Co. we have controlled the science of printing to produce quality work 99.95 % of the time. Most often the quality concern is caught before it even leaves our production facility so that our customers never even know.

This is accomplished by some basic starting foundations:

  • We operate with the values of a Christian, family owned business.
  • People with good values, work ethic, and moral character become employees.
  • They are continually training, cross training, and encouraged.
  • Weekly visits from MarketPlace Chaplains and personal educational meetings help decrease distractions outside of work.
  • Buffalo Printing invests in keeping their employees healthy physically, mentally, Spiritually, and financially.
  • The employees have the best software, equipment, and square footage to complete orders properly.
  • Buffalo Printing Co. is xerox’s largest digital color production printer in W.N.Y.
  • All of our digital presses are xerox, and therefore meet xerox quality standards.
  • We occupy more space than any other printer our size so there is room to work.
  • All equipment is maintained by certified technicians
  • Buffalo Printing Co. is the only commercial printer in N.Y.S. with the Avanti PDF web workflow database software. This software insures that reorders will be completed with exactly the same quality and order specifications.

We operate with the attitude that We will earn the next job with the order that we are currently working on We are only as good as the job that was just delivered, on time. Quality has to be affordable. Our pricing is very fair. Our low overhead, technology, large volume paper purchases, and well thought out methods of production keep our costs, and our customer’s pricing, low.

The owner, Joseph P. Farage and several key employees have work experience from outside the 4 walls of Buffalo Printing Co. Trade Association membership include the Buffalo Club of Printing House Craftsmen and the Printing Industries Association.

A Standard has to be set. The Standard is the signed proof.

The print order can start in different ways. Sometimes the originals are provided by the customer, sometimes the originals are created by our design prepress department. We may have to create the original by altering an existing piece or by putting people’s thoughts on paper.

After confirming the use of the finished print piece, and deciding on the best production method, a proof is generated exactly like, or as close as possible, to the finished print piece. The customer signs off on the proof agreeing on paper choice, ink color(s), spelling, all that information is accurate like the phone number, dates, times and addresses. If the proof isn’t correct, it isn’t signed. All the details of the order need to be checked, the way it gets folded, stapled, cut, bound, die cut, laminated, shrink wrapped, drilled, collated, padded, etc., it all gets checked.

Once the proof copy is signed off on, that becomes the quality standard.

A print order is generated into the web workflow with all the details of the order, and an electronic
file is uploaded based on the signed proof. Nothing is verbal. Paper is ordered based on the signed proof. The electronic file is sent to the printing press or the online plate making system. The order isn’t printed until the press sheet is compared to the signed proof. Future bindery operations are also considered at this time. If the order is being printed digitally, the press is calibrated before running each paper.
The digital presses pause during the run to calibrate quality consistently from page to page.
The pressman signs off on the press sheet that it matches, and prints the job.
Many times it is necessary to cut the printed job before completing the next operation.
The cutter doesn’t cut it until he compares it to the signed proof and sees the signed press sheet.
Again, future bindery operations are considered.
The bindery people do not perform any bindery operations until they compare it to the signed proof
and see the signed press sheet.
The shipping and receiving person doesn’t box it until it is compared to the signed proof and sees
the signed press sheet.

Depending on the size or value of the order, some jobs require 2 signatures.
If there are any questions during the production process, production is stopped until clarified.
If necessary the process is started over and repeated to achieve an acceptable product.

1 week after each order is completed; a follow up call is made to the customer to confirm that they are happy and that the order met their quality expectations. If it didn’t, Joe is involved to remedy the order and the process if necessary.

We are all human and make mistakes; we have to do our best to control them. It is very simple with the signed proof as the standard. We find that the .05% of mistakes are caused by people having a bad day, or making a bad judgment, not because of the process. People are the variable. As we find good people, we build the business around them. Buffalo Printing Co. people are the reason that we are successful.